Great functionality comes as standard but it’s how it makes you feel that matters !

Great functionality comes as standard but it’s how it makes you feel that matters !

We knew our digital developers would be up for a challenge. And when COVID19 hit home we set them to work. Build us a virtual meeting and events platform that will help our clients stay connected with their colleagues, their communities, their constituencies, we said. Easy-peasy, they replied. Confident bunch.  But, from that moment on and throughout this year of our lives that seems to have lasted for ever, they worked on building Virt-US Live. But not just the functionality. They worked on the user journey and how it makes us – and you – feel when we go online.

Your virtual platform is an engagement tool. A tool that enables communication to happen in a digital environment. And because we are experts in communication, we know that good communication is reliant on good conversation. A two-way (and many-way) exchange of information between interested parties. And so they helped us to design a platform that doesn’t just enable conversations, it starts them.  

Conversations online are harder than those you have face-to-face. With fewer visual clues, conversations become more, well, exacting. And can make people feel uncomfortable. Conversations can become one-way, led by the more digitally confident and not the more digitally challenged among us.  

We know that the best face-to-face meetings are the ones where you meet someone new; learn something new; expand your professional network. We know that good conversations - albeit online - will continue until we can pick them up again, face-to-face, when we can meet again.    

So Happy Birthday Virt-Us Live. Thanks for keeping the conversations flowing. We couldn’t have done it without you!


With thanks to all our clients; here are some of your best bits.

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